Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Comfort Zone

Having less than 2 years working experience, I don't know when one would have their work performance evaluation is. A friend ask whether I receive my work performance review and and received any increment or not? Last week, my boss mention about this work performance review and what he had during his time with a multinational company before. He said, It is good in a way to have it, but he also don't think it will be applicable for this company. The reason he brought this issue was, a client have complain that he didnt deliver what he promised. And being "The Boss", he would dump all the faults on us.. particularly on me. I think, the reason that he don't want to introduce this work performance evaluation is, so that no one ask for salary increment!

Suprisingly, the one question he ask me during the staff meeting was, how my work load is. I says in between laugh, that the load is too much. Than he asked me to explain like he didn't know it already. Since he fired the lazy pig in the company without replacement, I've been working on his part and leaving my task onhold. Being the junior in the company, every department just have some favour from me in their reports. The formating, edditing, scanning, pasting, printing, information and verifying are all dump on my desk. Plus its from all department; legal, operations and marketing! And I'm in the Strategic Department! how much one can handle?

One of the disadvantage of doing these is, when there is an errors in the reports, guess who they asked? Yeah... ME! because all these reports went thru me! and I should have pick up the mistakes. The guilt are too great that I don't dare to asked for salary increment at that time. You know what my basic salary right now? Its the same level of a fresh graduate degree holders! what a shame!

To be honest, although I'm actively looking for better prospect, I feel comfortable being where I am now. I only need to take one bus which take 15minutes to work, I can come to work 20 minutes late knowing that "the boss" will normally come 30minutes late. I know what I should do, what to do and how to do my work. I have internet access, and I can blog! ... This is what they called the Comfort Zone.. theres nothing I want to change, except an increment in my salary of course. lol


hani said...

miss you la dear.. how r u?

Musa said...

I'm fine Hani.. miss you too..

Ryan said...

good way 2 look at it.

Brad said...

Hiya Daren!
Figured I better tell ya what HNT is hahaha! It stands for Half Naked Thursday. Its something several of us bloggers do on Thursday. It varies WIDELY in what people choose to display for their picture or pictures on this day. Most usually get posted on Wednesday night to be visible all day on Thursday. If you click one of the two icons on the right hand side of my blog for "Half Nekkid Thursday" you will find out the rules and how to play along!

Musa said...

thanks Brad..


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