Thursday, March 16, 2006

Another Link

Can you Spot something funny in this picture? I just got this in my e-mail.. You don't? come on.. try harder.. the clue is... spotting.. and Hard.. got that?.. hahaha. I only could think that this kid had pretty nice dream

Lesson; er.. take a nap in public, you'll never know your picture end up at somebody's blog.. like mine.. hehehe

My blog was experiencing a problem for the pass 2 days.. I have to thank Blogspot administrator/moderator for helping me to solve the problem so quick. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you to the Blogspot Team. You guys are the best!

Here's another blog link to me.. Thanks the way, what a HNT mean?


Ryan said...

omg that is 2 funny! and i must admit it has happen 2 me b4.

Mike said...

babe as big as you are it wouldnt be a surprise if they was trying to attach a flag to it.

funny pic i love it

Musa said...

Ryan.. that happens to you before? OMG!.. Mike, you should had attached a flag on it.. and took a picture!.. I only can imagine the big grining on mikey face like the other guy in white short...

thanks for you comment in here guys.. love yea both!

Sandouri Dean Bey said...

hnt is "half nekkid thursday."


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