Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Richer by more Credit?

Hem... who would thaugh that my first credit card will be gold... I mean.. gold in colour.. not silver... but gold.. er there is silver.. and..???? jsut gold and silver? hem.. man... I'm soo naive and stupid.. I tried to sell credit card for Citibank before when I just graduated, and lasted 2 weeks before I decide to quit..despite that fact, I'm still not sure about the colours of credit card. Anyway.. Its good to know that I have credit card. Although, I promise myself I will never use it. Hehehe... seriously.. I won't use it.. its not like an extra income.. its just moneis that made "avaible" for me to"borrow".

Whats differences btw Visa and MasterCard? which is better? a friend told me that both are similar like two different bank, but whats the pro and con between them? although, promise I won't use it.. but still i like to know.. no harm in that right? right? hehehe

Oh oh... a friend of mine asked me to go to GENTING this friday night. Man... I am excited.. I've been to Genting before with my Uni friends, but never stayed overnight.. yipee!.. hope my friend didn't find a girl to replace me... hehehe..

Man... My whole body is killin' me .. The RPM Class really push my body to the max. If I didn't lose anyweight from these workout.. I gonna kill myself! Hahahaha... I was at the dry souna yesterday, when a big black African join in and splash a bucket of water on the thing which couses more heat.. I could feel like sparks of fire just splash on my skins.. everyone in the dry souna immediately run out, including the stupid beastly black african man.. hehehe... serve him right! I guess its his first time.. no harm done

Being naive I was, I noticed a pair of eyes belong to a very much musculer body than mine.. and belong to a cute chinese face been staring at me for awhile in the sauna... to be continued...


Musa said...

its the Fitness First souna k.. nothing happens... nothing wrong with a guy checking out another guys k.. It just me.. not use to be look at like that... hehehe.

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