Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Brokeback Mountain Jokes

I come across one of my 360 Yahoo friend blog, and I think its funny and decide to put it here in my blog. I think, the Brokeback Mountain movie has created new perception of Cowboy. Even the American Idol has made a special version of one of their contestant, a cowboy, and when they required to perform as a group, the team decide to wear the cowboy hat... and picture themselves as the Cowboy group, which lead to the making of Brokeback Mountain-the American Idol Version. I have to agree with the judges, their performance are suck.. and the part I hate most... nearly makes me puke is.. when the Cowboy team members hugging and console one another... saying something like "sorry I disepointed you".. "I'm so proud of you".. bla bla bla... thats makes the hair on back standing.. Guys!.. could you just hugs.. and shuts up!.. Anyway, I think from now on.. who wear cowboy hat is gay... that way, guys know who they can and cannot come on to... thanks to Brokeback Mountain! hahahaha Cheers!

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