Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My must watch list

James Franco, he is the man for this year! he's all over big budget movie this year. Cool huh! I remember him in Sonny, where he played as a gigolo, Spiderman, as Peter Parker's mate, and in James Dean.. I never got to know James Dean, but watching Franco's version of James Dean is good enough for me.. Here are an upcoming movies which Franco played in.. (pictures "borrowed" from Yahoo Movies without permission)

Tristan & Isolde


If you watched the Pirates of the Caribbean, here comes the sequel. My friend, Aida (A real fanatic fan of Johnny Depp that Inspired me to called her Little pirates) told me about a sequal are in production after watching the first Pirates of the Caribbean.. no idea how she got the 1st hand information about that.. maybe she slept with Johnny Wanka? hehehehe (out on July)

Oh dear, althhough its the most rediculous outfit (aka the inside out red underpant), Still, its one of the movies that I'm looking forward to. I love Superman!.. yes I admit it. I've watched the first series of Superman, where the hero played by late Christopher Reeves..I'm a die hard fan of Smallville.. hehehe.. thank God Tom Wellington aren't the Superman in this Movie... Good to see new faces. This Brandon guy going to break millions of heart for sure.. (out on June)
Here's is another Superhero movies I wont miss. The X-Man! Man... they all looks like a model!. X-Men III will be out on May!

Did you notice Jean picture in there? yeah! she's very much alive! I shad tears when she died sacrifice herself to help her fellow mutan. when Wolverine repeatedly saying to himself that Jean is gone... Cylops mad and cried at Wolverine... he says."dont say that" repeatedly and slump in Wolverine arms (must be cylop fantacy to be in Wolverine arms *evil Grin*)... I cried.. there's tears in my eyes right now..remembering that part... man.. I'm such stupid emotional man!.. oh oh.. look there's angel! with big white wings!... he looks soo.... pretty and.... gay

Check this out... My favaurate couple.. Iceman and Rogue!.. cute huh?

Wolverine!.. My favourate X-men Hero. No Idea why.. maybe I'm into hairy man! hahahahahaha... stupid! I'm 26 and I'm a fan of X-man!.. I guess, we'll stay as a child at heart forever. .. Isn't it Hanny? A dream of a little girl?

I meant to post these picture last monday, but My boss decide to leave early for the holiday next day. Anyway, I had very busy day yesterday. It was my niece, Natasha birthday.. and We were having a barbeque party.. hey, there was a clown at the party...

Oh.. my little sweet pumpkin is turning 3 now.. they seem to grow so fast these days... love yea Tash


hani said...

of all of your must-see list, I have to put Pirates of the Carribean 2 and XMen III.. Wolverine is sexy and what can I say about johnny depp...that man make me droll everytime... hehe

I dont give a damn abt this james franco fella.. dont even know him... and not sexy enough for my taste kah kah kah .. and am never a fan of a man wearing his red underwear on the outside hehe

I put Memoir of a Geisha on the top of my list of a must-see movie.. Ive read the books many2 times..

You know who I found sexy nowadays?? those psycho doctor House... yum yum :P

Musa said...

Oh god.. off all the people? you choose Dr. House? god forbid! must be his genuis salution as a have pretty bad taste! hahahaha..

James Franco!.. you dont know The James Franco?.. gosh.. Its official! you have a very bad taste! Hahahaha... just teasing yea.

What with this Johny Depp? He's good in the movie alright.. but sexy? er.. you know what? they say.. beauty is in the eyes of the beholder... that might apply with Sexy I think.. hehehehe

hani said...

hehe I guess I see the definition of Sexy is not something physical but much more than that.. thats why I see Dr House soooooo irresistable!!

Like, Its not the shape of the eyes.. but how the eyes look at you..whether the look makes yr heart beat faster.. something like that.. :P

make sense?

Aida said...

Yeah, being intellectual is sexy in my opinion. A person who is both intellectual AND funnysilly will be a candidate as my future husband. Having good looks is just a bonus, but not a must.

OH! And there might not be just two, but THREE Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Musa! I'll let you know once that's confirmed :D

I slept with who??

*grins widely*

Musa said...

Ok ok... you girls seems like having the same taste in men... so men out there... learn hard! *wink*

What I learnt from here? even the Gorila(in george of the Jungle), who is smart... can get a girl.. hehehehe... hani.. dont stare too hard at the eyes... you might melt or have a heart attack for beating too fast!..

oh dear... I'm in a really bad boy today.. teasing you girls.. hey... no offence ay?

oh pirates girl.. you don't know who you slept with? How many exactly did you slept to get that information girl? wow... 3rd sequel of Pirates of The Caribbean?..awsome... must been soo good.. but still cant top up to my all time favaurate movie.. Lord Of the Ring! right?.. say "Hail mighty good looking Daren!" if you agree with me..*sexy grin*

Mark said...

Hail Mighty good looking Daren!

Tommy said...

Hail mighty good looking Daren!

Musa said...

thanks guys!..cheers *wink*

Chris said...

Hail Might *deleted* Daren! *wink* you go man! loves yea blog... keep it up!


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