Monday, January 09, 2006

Forbiden Place

7th January 2006, Kuala Lumpur-My first time to such places... its like.. am no longer a virgin!.. hahahahaha.... I prefer not to go into details.. what i can say is.. lots of nudes going on... its like on a nude beach!

Well, all I can say is... it was quite an experience. don't know whether to go there again or not... but not planning for a visit in the near futute..

I have my sister's car to drive around last week. Unfortunately, there's always price to pay. Its call go-back-and-fourth! Its like, after you been to the place, you have to go there again for a "pop-up" reason. Its really frustrating!.. expecially when you were just went to that place, and asked to go there again .. again.. and again!


Manuel said...

anun peh diko neh leh? bura kemu lem! Do umak lak ko...

Musa said...

lets me try to translate what Manuel says. "what is that? very short(this entry)! Happy new year."

short entry, coz am at work.. hehehe.. HAppy new year to you too dude!

hani said...

damnit daren.. tell me tell me.. where is this place??

Musa said...

hahaha... Hanny.. are you "ovulating"? :p


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