Friday, January 13, 2006

Brokeback Mountain is Banned in Malaysia

If you notice, on the bottom right banner, I placed picture of this movie - Brokeback Mountain (gay-themed movie).

The news is that, we, Malaysians will not have the chance to watch it. Regardless of the 7 nomination for the Golden Globe Awards this Coming Jan 16th. They say, this movie is "unsuitable for local consumption"..DUH!

I don't know about you.. This is stupid!. I don't give a damn about those stupid film Sencorship Board!.. deep shit! oh whatever! Hope they sell the VCD ... I don't care... I love the "boys don't cry"(A Lesbian movie played by Hilary Swank)..I'm sure going to love seeing how a real man kiss another man.. hahahahaha *stupid face* I love to see these straight man (they are straight right?) making it soo real like what Hilary Swank did... man, talking about Hilary Swank... she 's a brilient actress!.. among my favourate are Million dollar baby, Iron Jewel, Boys don't cry, etc.

Oh yeah, I've visited my buddy, Aida's blog. she snippet of my previous post in hers... well, what I wrote was just something come cross my mind... glads it makes her day... cheers buddy


Lil Pirate said...

Cheers back! *grin*

Anonymous said...

Hi there, i m malaysian but based in Europe for ages now. Its a pity when the board failed to understand and draw a line to distingush between arts and religion.That movie is one of the best i saw last year. It shows how 2 guys from Texas and Wyoaming falls in love but constrained by society. It was so sweet and sad at the same point to see them, full of love to each other yet hard to potrait it outside. Ang lee is great director but i think this kind of movie is not gonna sell in futire cause in europe its not a current issue at all. Gay and Lesbian related movies are common now. I am not sure why we call it a democratic country when u are limited to view lots of movies but its ok to see war movies or even badly directed local movies like LADY BOSS,PONTIANAK Sundal ...when its clearly do not promote any kind of awarness.But above all that, i love JAKE GYHENHAAL..THAT GUY IS HOT.Vignesh


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