Monday, January 30, 2006

Holiday In Kuala Lumpur

Just a quick update.

Do you consider spending your long holiday in the city you work at is a holiday? Well, unfortunately for me.. I am spending my Chinese New year holiday... which if from today... and return to work next monday... here, in Kuala Lumpur! And to be honest with you its not fun!.

Well, I was invited Kuantan by my budy, Orie... spending some nights on the beach.. no fancy hotel.. just backpacking. Its sounds adventures to me, but I have to turn it down coz, my cousin were staying with me for the holidays and I cant just leave them.. right? Oh Orie... am really sorry for not coming with you... I bet, its a lot fun going without me... you know.. you got the 100% privacy for your own.. right love?

KLCC, Kota Raya is pack with people! I feel like walking in a foreign country seeing all these foreigners invaded all over the place.. I dont feel like going out anywhere in the city at this moment. The only place I went is Menara Maxis for a couple of hours workout at Fitness First. I begin to feel the effect of workout now.. My cousin says I'm not snoring anymore... Yes I have to admit, I snore when I sleep... and its not that small and peacefull sound.. its like the alarm.. my cousin says of course.. I wouldnt know since I was sleeping when that "things" happens. I was planning to see a doctor about that matters...seems that I dont need too...Thanks God!

I have my owne personal Trainer... his name is Freaky.. but he's not a freak.. he have a cute face with a very well build body.. well, Thats what I notice on every Trainer there.. And I am soooo.. jealous of these beautiful body!.. Gosh.. when will have have 6 pack and very good figure!? I pray that my will and my presistency to go workout 1-2 hours a day will never last! Father scott.. please pray for me... I know God do listen to you all the time.

oh bugger... what I plan to be a quick update seems to a long rambling noncense!. hehehe.. well, thats all for now.. I'm going to have a hair cut...cheers

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orie said...


it's ok, since u were not free n all, i decided to postpone the trip.... n guess wut?? i still wanna go... so, r u up 4 it??? Jomla.... hehehe! Anyhow, can introduce ah, ur trainer??? hehehehe!!!


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