Monday, February 06, 2006

Short Summary of my CNY Holiday

I don't quite remember how I spend my 1 week chinese new year holiday...
I don't remember how I spend More than RM100 on car petrol..
I don't remember how many dates I went... and how many times I sleep with someone.. (did i?) hahahaha..

3 things What I learnt from my holiday is that... its a waste of money.. its totally waste your money...and Its makes you dead broke! the Conclusion is... Holiday is suck!

I went to 2 birthday parties (Talia's 7th on the 28th Jan, and Micheal's 2nd on the 1st February) which requires presents.. and to buy a present, you need money too... oh bugger. Oh, I din't go to Osama's 7th Birthday thou... yes, I know his name is Osama... I was suprise myself when I heard it the 1st time.. well, got use to it now...

Oh oh.. this is brand new news!... The "pig" in the office will receive his termination letter today.. poor kid.. ( I just found out from my senior during lunch)

Anyone watched the Brokeback Mountain and TransAmerica?.. oh man... its freaking funny . I have pretty good lough with my cousin watching it. I won't recomended it for a family viewing thou.. certain part are a bit... er too adult thing?.. you know...

ok.. this is for now.. I'm finishing up my a Marketing Report for 2morow's meeting.. geez.. I wasnt suppose to do this.. oh bummer!

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