Thursday, January 05, 2006

My Kampung's House

Do you call this a house or a hut? This is the house that my Dad build with help of few friends when he just married my mom. This house is the first house in the village. So, I can say that my Dad is more like Christopher Columbus. I am proud of my father, Christopher Columbus.. ;p

Posted by Picasa We've been in and out of this house many times.. we've move closer to the town, Lawas. And than, We've move again to a more decent looking house with 6 bedroom, near the river. we've did celebrate christmas a couple of times in this house.. I like the house. But the fire burn it in one rainy morning. The whole family devastated with our lost.Thats when we go back to this old hut in the village again.

My dad had build another house deep in the jungle before this house burned. That house was more like a ranch where my Dad keep his baffalo (kerbau). We didnt move into that house because, its too deep in the jungle, hard for my sisters and I to got to school. Well, this house got burned as well... dont know the couse.

We move out again from that kampung house to the new house that my dad build next to one that eaten by fire in town...gosh.. I lost count how many times we've move in and out from the Kampung house.. I like it there... The wheather are really cold. The water is free, but I hardly take shower in the morning..for its too damn Cold!.. the water come straigth from the river!... fresh, and cold! hehehehe

Did I wrote too much? ok I stop now... hehehe...Oh do you like the picture i did? Its cool huh?

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