Friday, December 16, 2005

Russian Delight (Ponchiki)

Introducing Ponchiki, the Rusian Delight..

heeemmm.. yummy!

Does it sound familiar to you? this Russian Delight.. and Turkish Delight? I know its looks different than the one that Edmund had. You know, Peter's little brother in the Cronicle of Narnia?.. I wonder how this turkish delight taste like..

This Russian Delight can be found at Ampang Point entrance. Its crispy and the taste is good. They're selling at RM2 per piece, 3 pieces for RM5, 5 pieces for RM9, 6 pieces for RM10. Reasonable price? I bought it everytime I'm going back from work...

Wait for my next entry on this 2 Little Rudolf I share my Rusian Delight with.. Hahaha.. I'm seriously going to put your picture here little Rudolf... ;p

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