Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bump into Oli & family

I never thought of going back home yesterday would be any different than other day. I stayed back late because theres one private consultation still going on, besides, I got to finish lots of thing. My sister Eli, called at the office again yesterday around 3pm. It was 6am there and all of them already awake.. I manage to talk with my little pumpkin and my dorky-super-sensitive nephew. They were soo cold, I barely understand what they're saying. under that blurly phone conversation, I asked William to bring snow back to KL. He eagerly agree to bring some when it snow. Hehehe.. thats my dorky nephew... always eager to please.

My sister corrected me, about the wine botle cover thing. Asked me to look around. So before I went back home yesterday, I look around in Ampang Park for that Wine Bottle Cover.. And guess who I bump into? OLi! and with her family!. Its soo good to see Oli and her family again.. I was soo pleased, that I kiss her mother Too! She was like.. Oh.. ok.. hehehe.. Oli's little brother wearing glasses now. He still got his boyish little fat and his funny kiddies act.. hehehe how adorable! Oh, He said that I'm getting taller (aw boy.. practicing your charming complement? hehehe).. and he smell my armpit. and says.. I smells good.. hehehehe.. thanks buddy.. Oli.. being use to his little bro. enthusiastic are ignoring us kiddies.. hahaha..

Oh, Oli getting taller too!.. hahahaha.. thanks to the invention of women highhill shoes! hahaha.. I know, I know.. I should stop talking about Oli now.. I just miss "being us" when we use to work togather.. with her GM status, and me somewhere down here, its hard to find time to hangout these days. Its funny when other come up with the reason that they reluctant to meet me because, I might write something about them. Geez.. dude.. my blog is ain't famous.. no one come here alot. hehehe. Chill dude.

Oh.. I got this cool project.. Selling a handmade design handbag. I let you know once a create something we can work on... ladies.. and bryanboy I come!

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orie said...


it was so funny bumping into u, gotta excuse my lil brother....
i miss being us too, with all that selipar jepun n just jeans n tees everyday!!! never had to wear working clothes!!!! missin those days and the never ending ym's!!!
i guess we chatted like nobody's business...!!!


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