Sunday, December 11, 2005

my weekend

You know, I kinda feel different having my little pumpkin and the little brat away... I kinda miss them already...the whinging.. the manja-ing, the non-stop talking and dragging me around the house thing-y.. I used to hear William asked me.. can you watch him play (he like it when someone watch himplay his PS2.. I have no idea why) .. and my little pumpkin asking to carry her around... man.. when they around.. I dont think I miss this whinging and manja-ing at all..

I bought all the things that my sister asked me to.. guess what, I can't find a whine bottle cover... the sales girls say.. there is no such thing.. maybe I hear her wrong... So I come up with.. a dining table cover! isnt that ryme? wine bottle cover=dining table cover? she asked me to find a matching tissue box with it.. So I guess.. its Dining Table Cover that she wants.. hehehe..

My sister (another sister) bought me and my dad a Batik Shirt for Christmas.. not being ungrateful brother here.. but the shirt she bought for me... makes me look old.. like a married man with 100 kids!.. and its in Yellow.. birght yellow!.. long sleve!... its going to be freaking hot .. gosh... I'm not going to wear that on christmas..I rather wear a t-shirt than wear that batik.... well.. maybe I wear it when I sayed hoem.. welcoming visiors? and give it to Dad before coming back to KL..

hemm.. my cousin call to hangout now.. bai bai

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