Saturday, December 10, 2005

2 weeks to go

Saturday is here... I feel odd this weekend. Not like my usual weekend...
Yeah.. I miss my two little monkey already. They only been away for 2 days... I miss them already. My sister call me at the office on my lunch break today. it was like 5am there. She woke up just to call me and give me this list of things to buy. Man.. why am I not suprise.. hehehehe.. why didn't she bought all these things before she went off to Newcastle? I hate shopping!

Hem.. let see if I can recall all the her list,
2 package of Mee Goreng Indome...
3 package of casuy nuts.. buy at the thai fair..
white kari... at Thai fair too,
Chesnut.. ask Jen to buy this at petaling street,
Tissu box cover and Wine bottle cover... find a macthing collour,
Tom yam... er, did she mean the dry one like an instant noddle?.. my bro-in-law wont be carrying the wet one over...
ask the maid to cover these all in my bro-in-law clothes and arrage it in his bag...

Thats all I can recall right now...oh yeah.. Send her car for repainting.. something like that.. I guess.. no cars for me to go around while they away..darn it!

oh well, I better do a little bit shopping.. I havent bought any prizie and shirt for xmas yet. man.. cant wait to go back to my hometown!.. let see what I'm looking forward to...
The Mee Kolok, narar (smoked wild pig meat), my uncle sasuar chicken-sup-with-durian... yummy!.. Peter's Lemang, UntieTad's cakes.. lots of cakes! and meeting my parents, relatives, old friends... my kampung... my town.. what new.. who got married.. oh man... the cold river! everything!.. can't wait!.. it has been 2 years!.. not to mention... meeting all the girls that my dad want me to meet.. hahahaha... I do feel excited you know.. not to excited ay... my sister worn me not to jump into marrying anyone yet.. she makes me lough!.. me? married?.. doesn't seem to fit at this, maybe.. I can fool around? hahaha...and dad will shot me right away.

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