Saturday, November 19, 2005

Why Blogging?

Why does one blogging?
This question kinda ponder in my head these days.
I'm not quite sure how I stumble into these bloging thing. Having bad memory,that come to no suprise. But I do remember one of my wish for a new year, that I want to create my owne website one day. And I guess, blogging is the nearest I can have. Do you know, that riding a horse is one of my wish too... its one of the unfullfill wish. I have no idea how I come up with that. I think, that same goes with why I blog I think. Does that make sense to you?

Hemm... when I come out with what I have so far, I feel kinda... content. You know, being able to produce this.. not as cool or as fancy like others' blog.. but I did this on my own. And I have to admit, Its give me such excitement to see there's visitors from other country reading/viewing my blog.. and leaving their foot prints (comments) in here. Its gives me the drive to write...or blogging if you say so.

I asked myself, does blogging makes me popular? like Dawn Yang, Shaulin Tiger, Tukang Taip, Bryanboy, medic student in Ukrain etc?.. (not saying that they all wanted the "bloggers celebrity status" I must say, they just happend to be popular)...
am I craving such attention when I listed my blog in Malaysia Top blog? gosh! I'll pee in my pants if I stand infront of a crowd... I get cold sweat if I'm the centre of attention... I get sweaty hand... when I walks on the isle of the church... knowing that, people are staring at me! man... I must sound so pathethic ... having a stage fright? even when I'm not on stage?.. hahahaha... silly me! ... but honestly? It gives me an excitement knowing that, my blog make it on the Malaysia Top blog 100, or cool is that?
Hey wait a minute, I did sang infront of a crowd before.. thank god I didnt pee in my pants.. Oh thats seem like different life to me now.. I'm not living the good example life of a christian anyway.. besides I sound like a dork when I sing..... Oh, I did make a fool of myself during my seconday school story telling competition...Oh man.. I will never go there again.

One thing I like to keep a blog is, I can saved path/link to certain website I want to visits regularly without an afford to remember the address (not my best talent I must say) . Anytime, anywhere, I can just go to my blog, and click on the links I keep on my blog to visit those site! isn't that cool? I do keep the address on my Computer's favaurate list, but, It gives me the convenience to use any computer and go to my blog, and click the link listed there... and ta da!

I don't know why others do bloggging.. but I'm having a good time writing here... hahaha regardless how jumble up my writing are, or how many grammertical mistakes ..... I don't care... its mine.. all "precious".


Irzan said...

My reasons on why do I blog:

I blog because I want to record each and every process of my learning advancement here in Ukraine. Someday, when I grow up, I would want to read back all the entries, and perhaps, smile, and maybe say...

"hey ... I remember that!"

and maybe show it to my kids?


Musa said...


but when you say "someday, when I grow up.." sounds like your still a boy.. hehehehe..anyway, thats perfectly good reasons to do blog I guess..

keep posting dude... luv to see the kind of life "doc to be" having in foreign country. look so much fun!..


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