Monday, November 21, 2005

no title..aka simple plan song

Do you feel being strip naked writing your feeling in you blog?
Sometimes I do feel like that.. I write whatever come across my mind.. and sometimes.. its like exposing myself to the whole world... since I'm stark naked... are you enjoying the show?.. hehehhehe ;p


hani said...


*cover my eyes with my finger*

ewww daren.. pls dont corrupt my innocent eyes....

Irzan said...

I left a comment on your previous entry :)

Irzan said...

and I don't want to see you naked!!!

Musa said...



You've seen me... stop blushing.. you're not that soo virgin eye anymore.. being in the States, you must have come across that every now and than right?

heya doc,

I'm not physically stark naked dude..... just emotionally and mentally exposed.. hehehe... you "doc. to be" will get lot of chances to see naked people.. you know.. you got to strip your patient.. hehehehe

hani said...

can I open my eyes now?



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