Thursday, November 17, 2005

Who is Dawn Yang

Everyone seem to talk about her these days, I read it from Mr. Shoulin Tiger, and Mirul blogs. I ended up at Dawn Yang blog.. ,my mind was pretty occupied with the name, When I log in to my blog, I begin to type Dawn... instead of darren in the username.. whats with her anyway? she seem to posses everyone like the a great big wave; Her successful plastic surgery, to her bluntness(bitchyness) in any subject. She also have her own fans.. which I think its cool. One thing for sure, she looks stuning dead goergous! check her blog yourself. You might rethink about doing the plastic surgery... ;p

I have nothing to talk right now, just bored to death here!
Hope I could watch Harry Potter 2morow... till than. good night.


hani said...

Actually I dont know who the heck Dawn Yang is until I read your post..

then I went in her blog and also some other people's blog that has written abt her..

My opinion...

Its her money and its her body. She can do what she wants. And she does not have to tell anybody about it. Why she do it also it not other people's business. If her family is ok abt it, then who the heck are we to say anything?

what abt u, daren?

Musa said...

me? er.. I was thinking to do a butt implant hahahaha.. just kidding.. I watched this Fear Factor once where one of the contestant want to win the fear Factor to do his butt implant! Why do he have to annouce it on the national TV? silly guy huh?

Honestly Hani, I don't really know. I don't have that kind of money, So never thought seriously about it. But than, If I do have the money, I might have gone thru it.. you know, everyone has there owne feeling about something they want to change about their body. No body is perfect ay? hehehe..

Oh you know what? I need that fat sucking something... very hard to get rid of these fat.. and am pretty lazy to run around doing nothing... How I wish they invent something like.. fat transfering machine, so I can give mine to my skinny friend scott.

hani said...

hehe daren..

liposuction, dear.... yeah I need those too..



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