Friday, November 11, 2005

Still on holiday mood

What does it tell you, when you come late to work, and no one especially the big Boss give a damn?

Well, its mean, you can come in the office late everyday! hehehehe..I wish!

I came late to office yesterday and today. Woke up pretty late, like yesterday, I woke up at 8.51am and 8.15am today. And office start at 9am! hehehe.. you can imagine how fast I get myself prepared to work. Maybe I break the record for the fastest person getting ready to work...who knows.

Something interesting happens last Wednesday. I took teksi to my sisters house straight from work that day. The teksi driver was quite young, a malay guy, around middle 20s. Our convesation start when he asked me, "come back from work Boss?". I look at him (i always sitting infront, next to the driver).. and said, "don't call me Boss, I'm also working like you". So, we talk. I don't know how our conversation lead to some personal thing about him... he told me, he's still single, just break-off from engagement, how being single is better off...etc. Suddenly out of the blue, I said "Man, you're young. Handsome chap like you would be easy to get any girl you want".Gosh.. my stupid mouth! (he's handsome, but do I have to said it out loud?) he must think I'm coming on him... ;p

When he drop me off, he's kinda, taking his time to move... I mean.. its like he's waiting for me to invite him for a coffee or something. Hehehehe... me with my stupid mouth (it just my wishfull thinking) . He only left when I wave at him... Hem... I should have asked his number... You know, pretty hard to get teksi around here... hehehehe... what?what? what do you think the number for? silly! ;p

oh.. just hear a rummor from my CFO... I received another 10% increment on my salary!..*finger cross*... yipee...


Manuel said...


don't forget to belanja me and isaac next week. he is coming down to kl on the 14th nov and will stay with me for 2 days at least. call us yeah...heheh

Musa said...

k. I guy you guys some sweets ;p

veeber said...

Too bad you didn't take your chance. Would have loved to hear the follow up to this great story.

Musa said...

Hem... I didnt realize the typo on my 1st reply... I was saying like "I buy you guys some sweet"

Yeah too bad... if I did, maybe I get a free teksi ride next time huh.. hehehe (",

veeber said...

And full service for sure (lol)


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