Saturday, November 12, 2005

My weekend affair

I confess!
I meet a guy in Ampang Point today.
He's from Thailand,
He speak Thai,
He's Thai,
He touched me..
He smiles when I told me its my first time...
He gave me ensuring smile everytime he touches my body..
He keep looking at me everytime he moves his touches on my body..
He asked me whether I like the way he touches me here... there... every inch of my body.

Yes...yes.. yes...
I love the way he touched me,
The way he makes me blush when he touches me
I like the feeling he makes me feel... God I can't help it..
He laugh at me being soo naive
He smiles when I cover my face to hide the pleasure I'm havin...

Our 1 hour intimate moment is not enough...
I'm sure be coming to see you again..
dont worry ... I know where to find you.. my "tukang urut".. ;P Got yea!


That was my first time. SOOO Sedap! Yummy! ahloi!(thai) Sarap!(tagalog) ?delicioso!(spanish)
1hr RM40 (body). Thai Masage. 2nd floor, Ampang Point.
Thailand fair is there too, just started today.. The food.. is Excelente!
Oh man... I like the masage very much..


cLiK said...

u've created the suspense very succesfully. phew!~

Musa said...

hehehe... thanks

hani said...

aiyo.... gatal!!!!

Musa said...

Biaser jer hani.. you know me.. ;p

Anonymous said...

semalam pun gua baru balik dari saner
cam best je

nak gi tak cik klik? ;)


Musa said...

Ye Ke Kambeng?

Best kan? klue nak p lagi.. kita p ramai2.. mintak discount.. or urut lame2 lagi.. kan kan kan?

veeber said...

Great weekend it must have been. I love your writing about it. Please continue.

Musa said...


You do? hehehe thanks. Its was a great masage. I think I should take thai masage course to masage you... hehehehe

veeber said...

Yes please do Daren. And I will think of a proper reward for you.

Musa said...

masage me back... ;P


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