Thursday, November 03, 2005

Holiday or shopping frenzy?

First of all, I like to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya, and Happy Holiday. My Holiday is staying home, looking after the the house. So boring ay? Yeah, I didnt go back to hometown, although its rather long holiday, I'm not that loaded to go back twice a year. Better put the money somewhere for better use huh?

So, I've been to shopping malls since... hemm.. everyday. Like today, I went to Mid Valley to meet my friends Scott and Isaac. Its good to see them again. We were looking for place to eat, guess what? its pretty crowded in Mid Valley. Can't find a table in the food court, so went down to LG, seems like everyone is lining up for sitting in most of the restaurant. We choose to lunch at Nando's since no one is lining up (I hate waiting).

I bring my nephew (Cousin's son) along of course. he'll be crying like a baby if not.. hahaha.. just kidding Nougles... He's a nice guy for sure. It just me... I like to bully him... hahaha.. I have no one to bully these days... he's 20yo k.. not that young. So, talking about shopping malls, KLCC is pretty crowded with foreigners, and Mid Valley is crowded with Chinese and Indian, well chinese mostly. Ampang point, and Ampang Park seem to be closing today.

I found lots of good (my kinda books) books in MPH Mid Valley.. but they're freaking expensive!.. Scott recommeded me a book.. something like "Heaven does Exist"(If am not mistaken).. its a good book, just a bit too religious to me... hehehe.. I kinda like being in the neutral zone.. you know what I mean? I am currently reading this freaking hilarious book called "Apocalipstick" by Sue Margolis. Am still in the 1st chapter, but I think I'm going to like this one...Cheers.. am back to my reading now.. have a good Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Al Eed), and happy holiday.


Manuel said...


the book title is 'Heaven Is Real'. It's about a korean-american wife who experienced visit to heaven with Jesus.

Musa said...


Yeah thats the title.. I do recommended it for all to read



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