Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Rent a Book

Finally, I got hold on Sophie Kinsella's latest book, The Undomestic Goddess. I rent it from Rent a Book in Ampang Point at RM10 for 30days!. Of coourse, I wont owne the book. But I can read it already, in fact, I just finish reading the book today. Can't help it. its really enjoying reading and I find its dificult to put it down, like you know, wanting to know what really happens next.. and it did make me lough too. My cousin looks strangely at me when I suddenly burst out laughing. He must think I'm insane.

To rent the book, I have to place a deposit of RM60. This amount will only refund back to me when I return the book. I think, I wait for the Paper bag cover issue come out, than I bought one for my collection. Since I have finish all Sophie's book. I think I'm going on a search for my another one. Its dificult for me to fall in love with others author's book, like I did with Sophie Kinsella's book . I already started enjoy reading her books on the first few pages. You know what I means?. Like The Da Vince Code, I haven't finish reading it yet. I find it a bit boring (NO offence ay).. all these supernatural thingy.. and creepy stuff. aint my thing.

Yesterday, I went to KLCC and watched Zorro 2 with my cousin. It wasnt that bad. I do enjoy watching it.. I do recommend this one. Say 7.5 out of 10. go and check it out yourself.

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