Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Give thanks, to the holly one...
Give thanks,.. to the ...da da da..
Give thanks,.. because his risen... da da da.... da da...

I know I know... Thanks Giving was yesterday.. 24th November 2005. Like most Malaysian.. we don't celebrate Thanksgiving day with turkey. But still, it will be nice to celebrate such wonderful event... giving thanks for the life we have today, for all we have. Its good for a change, from my regular entry on complaining, and rambling meaningless words.. hehehe..

It was at Scott-o-rama's blog I know about thanksgiving days.. and a letter from Peter in US wishing happy thanksgiving. I would love to write a long list of what I should be thank you for... but, I decide to say it in my prayer. (I do pray.. sometimes ;p) .. the short version is "God, Thank you for everything you gave and provide me. Thank you so much! luv ya".

Unlike most people, mirul -(in the process of becoming a doctor) , is having his thanksgiving with human corpses to study on... *faint*... no thank you for the invitation...hehehehe And Bryanboy? whats with this "Baboosh!" farewel.. what does it mean?.. someone told me that .. "kewl" is similar like sayin.."cool".. and what "featch" mean? the girl in this movie keep saying... "thats sooo featch!".. does these words exist in the dictionery?

ok.. "baboosh!".. hehehe.. cant help my self being sooo.. "feacth!" whatever that means..

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