Monday, November 28, 2005

Craving for Tom Yam Thai

It wasnt me alone who luvs this Tom Yam Thai in Ampang Point... Mr. TT went there too!

Look at those photos.. its taken from MR.TT's Blogs (without permission ;P) . I went to this place like every weekend!.. Can't get enough of these spicy-sour-sweet Tom Yam.. YOu could tell ones is a frequent customer when the "Mak Cik" called you "along". She'll put more mango in your manggo rice!.. RM5 per bowl.. worth it!

Oh.. the staffs in their normal red uniform are supper friendly too. I know this boy, his name is Pooh, named after the cartoon Winnie the Pooh, can speak malay, English, chinese and Thai!.. vey generous with their smile.. makes you really welcome in there... Hey, don't be suprise to share the table with other customers ya...


veeber said...

Mouth watering dishes they have!
Invite me there and let's see where we'll end up. They also have takeaway smiles? ;-)

Musa said...

Yes, it is mouth watering..why not.. lets go.. takeaway smiles?.. hehehe.. let ask that when we pay a visit... ;p

hani said...

when are you taking me there???


Irzan said...

I don't normally leave comments, because i skip-read,

but I HAVE to hate you for putting this up. I really do.


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