Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Letter from Alex and Rosie

Every night, I try to make sure that I sleep before 2am.
If I go to bed after 2, I'll have pretty hard time to doz off.
But I can't stop myself from reading Alex and Rosie's letters.
Alex is a heart surgeon in Bostan, and Rosie is his best friend, who "accidentally" got herself pregnant on her High School Dance Night. End up being single mother at the age of 18!
Their letters are pretty interesting to read.. Their relationship is like Julia Robert and his best friend (Not Rupert Everet, the other guy), in "My Best friend Wedding"..
The result of endulging my interest in reading these letters, I have very little sleep.. wake up with a major headache... I wish I could nurse my headache with more sleep... but obligation cry for immidiate action.

Thank God for the internet and my blog! at least, I have something to look forward to come to the office.. and rambling my stupidity without anyone judging me. hahaha

Oh Shit! I woke up this morning, and remember something that I said to my nephew last night. Why in the world I make such promises? I don't know what come over me... Guess what? I promise to pay my nephew his airplane ticket to go back home this Christmas! Damn!..did he put a spell on me? Man.. I'm soo easy to be smitten. I'm telling you, I'm the worst bargainer.. When I buy stuff, I just pay the diplayed price without bargaining....I hate myself! I hate ME!!!!

Anyway, What done is done. They say, promises meant to be broken.. but this one is not included.. He sound so greatful when I agreed to pay his ticket. I hate myself to disepoint anyone. I remember this one time, my sister ask for cash from me to buy her lunch, I gave everything in my wallet and leave some coins for myself.

By the way, I'm not supposed to tell anyone about it. its a suprise... a good one for my parent. Hem... I'm thinking... what present should I buy for them?.. anything cheap, but makes one happy to receive it? Seeing the smile from them will be nice... but what is it?


hani said...

1. Buy them dinner.


2. A nice exotic lil handbag with all those little beads and crystal for your mom...

3. for dad, I really dont have any ideas.. I usually ended up buying him a pair of nice pants and shirt..

go for something practical..

and one more thing, Im sure they will like whatever gifts you will get for them..

Musa said...

diner? I think, My sister will cover that..

Handbag? my mom is not a handbag person if you know what I mean.. She just carry her purse around like nobody business... hehehe

I was thinking, how about a blouse... Man..I have no sense of style.. I always end up buy her something she never wear.

Pants for dad is a good idea.. what size to be safe? not too big, not too tight?hemm..

thanks Hani for the idea..


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