Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Being bored is what I hate most... it comes all the time like a PMS thingy.. Its makes me do something creative and stupid. Like yesterday, I smoked for the 1st time.. (I quite smoke months ago).. and today, I took another one.. maybe its the company you have that really influence you to do what you do... Like yesterday, I was with my niece who is a bit heavy smoker, and while we were hanging out late night (hey, its cool to hangout with your niece).. and she was smoking like no budy business in front of me.. I kinda...tempated, well.. what the hack... I decide to smoke... well what do you know... I still got it.. I mean I can still smoke without coughing.

Hani just invited me to come with her to Kedah for teh coming Hari Raya.. how sweet of her. Being a total stranger to me, I mean we never meet in person, she treat me like an old friend. I turn her down coz, am still hoping I can go back hometown during this long holiday. Yeah.. Hoping, Coz, my sister will pay for the ticket if we're going. I didnt pay it myself coz, I'm buying for X'mas. I heard that my parent house is 70% completed. Hope we can have a decent christmas this year. Every year, we didnt celebrate christmas back home because, my parent house was small and very fragile (old wood). Its more like a hut to me... I fall from the wooden stair a couple of times before. This house is the house that my parents build when they get merried. Later, we have much bigger and pretty house, but all burn and distroy one morning. The couse? no idea...

Well, at least now, we have a new house. The 6th house I must say. It does sound like we have many houses but the rest have been destroy by fire , fire... and old. I really looking forward to come back home after like, more than 2 years didnt return home... I'm soo excited!! My Deepavali and Hari Raya holiday start on tuesday November 2nd, and return to work on wednesday November 8th... cool huh?..

ok.. I think I wrote lots enough for tonight. going to sleep now.. gud nite.


Anonymous said...

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hani said...

well, I hope yr sis will pay the tickets for u.. and u get to go back.. its always fun balik kampung...

and yes! u r still invited.. :) .. even though we have not met, I have good feelings about u.. that u r not a serial killer or something.. hahahah j/k

Musa said...

Hahaha... Am not a serial killer for sure..

Thanks Hani... I let u know if I decide to go.. never been to that part of our country yet.

Yep.. I really really hope we'll go balik kampung... its always fun..I must agree


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