Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ringo Addiction

Been Busy lately. Not entirely because of work, Its all because of my new found addiction of Ringo. This Sharing Photo website is soo cool. I can view others members photo. Chating with some of them, get to know about new stuff, and lots more. Initially, I didn't know how they add me in their list, but when i get a hang of it.. I become addicted, adding more and more people in my list.

So, everytime I'm online, there's always someone to talk to. Its always started off with, just to say hi.. and end up talking for the rest of the time and didn't write anything in my blog.. I have to be offline to write in here. If not, I'll ended up talking with someone. Its not a bad thing right? kewl (I have no idea what this stand for, but Its sure sound cool)

Desperate Housewives. last week episodes was the best... why? because It makes me laugh! Bree found her 15 years old daughter's condom, introducing Justin, the new gardener desperately want to have sex with a women just to prove that he's not gay, Bree's son, Andrew is the one whos fooling around with Justin (So much being the perfect family!). And Edee! she one hell of women! she is soo much like Samantha Jones in the Sex and the City. My favourate character. You know... in a way, women are so much like men. isn't it?

Oh, I just bought a pair of original Dockers pant at RM48! you know how much it cost? Its around RM200. NO.. its not stolen. Really!. I bet you want to know where I get it from huh? hahahaha... man.. am such a bad boy! hehehehe

This is for now... till than my dear blog reader. If you have blog, do let me know.. I love to have a look at them. Cheers

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