Thursday, October 27, 2005

I hate it when....

After reading Mr. ST ricent entry, I have to write mine down. I consider myself not a bad tempered person (I think). But, sometimes, it have its limit ay? Unlike Mr. ST-where his frustration coem from unaswered question, I hate it when people ask stupid questions to me. Here's some example of Stupid and time wasting questions that Ms Stupid (Man.. I'm being mean) come up with:

1. Say your name is Matthew Andrew Wilson, and your father's name is Wilson, your 1st name is Mather and Andrew is your middle name. When you tell Ms S that Wilson is your father's name, and she ask you, Are you Sure? er..seriously dude.. how dumb is that? I'm not sure what my father's name is? Its my freaking father! who know more about him.. me or you?

2. Say you're in a middle of tight and near deadlines task/assignment, than Ms S Called you to help her out with something (not important and not related to work-ok its a video clips she recieved from e-mail, and cant view them). And I said, I'm kinda busy and be right back to her when I'm not. She ask again, "busy doing what?". I said "works"(I am totally not in the mood to describe what I'm doing). Than, she said, "busy working or Blogging?". God help me... I do blogs sometimes at work when I have some time to kill. But this!.. Gosh ... I cant take it anymore! she's asking for help and than critisize your working athic at the same time.(I want to KILL HER!!).. Who the hell you think you are? You don't pay me.. so shut the fuck up!

3. I bought a really nice present for Ms S from ISETAN, Its quite expensive, I must add. As aspected, it wasnt her size, and she exchange the "present". She asked me "why didnt you buy from Mark & Spenser?". I say nothing.. And she said again " You know I like Mark & Spenser". I said, "No. I don't". Than she said, "yes you do.. you know I like Mark & Spenser". Bloddy hell lady, Its my head, and I know what i KNOW, but for crying out loud... I cant read your mind!. I hate you and I dont care what you like!. For Christ sake... you make me feel bad buying you a present already!! No matter how many times you said Thank you... I promise you I wont buy anything called "present" to you..EVER!.

Of course.... I didnt voice out my thaught out loud.. it just not me... I am a "silent" people person when am having this thought. Ms S, If you read this... just pretend you didnt read it k. Hahaha... I dont want to hear what your say on it. Just leave it like this.... lets promote World Peace together..... HAHAHAHAhAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Anonymous said...

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Irzan said...

Hi Daren.

Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

It was quite a heartwarming comment you made...

Glad to see you there! Keep on blogging!


hani said...


u should tell her right in front of her face!!! A gift is a gift, she should appreciate that somebody remember her bday and present her a bday gift... and say THANKS!.. as simple as that!!

and boy, do I know about those stupid question .. and sometimes i feel like shoving my slipper right into their mouth.. hehe but of course I wont do that.. but I feel like doing it.. hehe

Musa said...

Thank to you too for dropping by Doc. keep blogging.. am your regular blog reader/viewer..

She did say thanks.. but the later conversation iretated me..

shoving a slipper in her mouth?.hehehe you go girl!.. I feel like doing that too Hahaha... good Idea.


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