Friday, September 30, 2005

Quality time with William

I was planning to put up William's picture up here with his rollerskate that I gave him for his present, which I love very much. How can I tell? Well.. let see, If I can recall our conversation last night. Anyway.. here's my dorky super sensitive nephew, William.

Right After work, I went to Ampang Park Mall to buy William Favourate Wafel with peanut butter (well, it was my favourate first) . But the shop's peanut butter is out of stock. So, I bought him something else instead.. too bad, I know Wil didn't take his diner coz he want to have wafel.

Anway, Once I told him that I didn't bought any, he immediately forget about it... like, oh well, that ok.. This is what I like about Wil. He never never complaint or get upset if he didn't get what he ask for, unlike other kids.

He asked me to help him to put on the rollerskate and the gear. He keeps saying he loves it and its really cool. Man, the money you spend is worth it.

So, he skating around infront of the living room on the carpet. He said he only can do it there. And he said, he need more practise before he can skate on the ground (such a wise kid!).. He kinda show me how good he's in it. I just hope he didn't turn up as those crazy kids skating around and gets hurts in the Tally. Isn't that crazy?. Gosh.. I starting to regret that I bought the rollerskate for him now. Stop it! Stop!.. William loves it, and as long as he put on the safety gear.. there's nothing to worry about.

I took a nap while he watched his program. I was really sleepy.. But I still can hear him, asking me not to sleep yet. He asked who's going to read him a bed time story? I said.. the TV is (man.. I was sooo tired). The phone's rang woke me up. It was his Dad to bid Wil good nite... I guess He's just checking on me. ;p. Than my hanphone rang at the same time. Its Wil mom.. I was Like ...huh? they were at the same place, and ringing me at the same time.. silly parent.

I checked on Wil. He was just about to sleep. My cousin read him his bed time story. hehehe... Will asked me to lay dawn with him for awhile. He always asked me to do this when I'm around. While I was laying next to him, he said "I love you uncle boy, I like the rollerskate, its soo cool". Gosh Will... you making me wanna cry dude!.. hehehe.. thats my William. Love you too Bud. :)

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