Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Visit from Madam Orie

Orie came to visit me in the office today.
Here's ories picture on my desk

This one is my favourate ;)

She was on her way to an Exhibition... and decided to pay me a visit.. how thoughtful of her. We were having our lunch in the office. It was nice to see Orie again... she promise to come next week again... and this time, She will buy me lunch. Right Luv? hem.. let see.. I know a bit fancy Rastaurant here... which I have no doubt my GM friend can afford.

Shit! fasting start next week.. there's no way she going to see me eating alone. Darn it!
Oh.. The previous entry is from her... cheers


Manuel said...

orie, gemoknya engkau sudah ni..apa sudah jadi..the last time i saw u, u were still slim...sudah kahwin kah

Musa said...

She's not fat!. She's been working out n diet. She loss a few pound already. besides dude,its not nice to say to someone like that.. especially ladies.

She's still single and very available.. anyone interested can apply. ;)

PriestysThoughts said...

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Musa said...

Thanks Ryan Priest...

your blog kinda hularious too, I'll bookmark yours later



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