Thursday, August 11, 2005

Warden Message-Air Quality in Malaysia

The following Embassy administrative notice is being distributed to resident and visiting American citizens in Malaysia. Text of the notice follows:

"Air Quality in Malaysia"

As you no doubt are aware, air quality conditions in Kuala Lumpur have been particularly poor lately. The following chart allows you to see the air quality range over the past few days.

Date - Unhealthy - Very Unhealthy - Hazardous
---- --------- -------------- ---------
August 3- 11 hours- 8 hours
August 4- 4 hours- 2 hours
August 8- 14 hours - 3 hours
August 9- 24 hours -
August 10- 1 hour- 9 hours - 2 hours

The Embassy Health Unit has seen a significant increase in respiratory problems, sinusitis, and bronchitis in the past few days. The Embassy is mandating that employees who are required to work outside wear masks and limit outside activity as much as possible. The Embassy is also trying to determine how long this pollution will last and the likely air quality levels.

American citizens should continue to monitor air quality through the local media and take any necessary cautions they deem appropriate."Contact Information for the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur

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