Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My weekend in Quality Hotel

As you notice, I didn't make any entry since last friday. I was a bit busy that day, with the exihibition, seminars and all..and on Monday, I had this meetings with all my Senior Consultants from 10am end at 6.30pm with a presentation. And today, I had to sit in a meeting for consultation with a client and the CEO. Gosh... It was really long! from 10amend at 1.15pm. And I had my lunch infront the tally (yeah we got tally in the office equip with the astro, astro is like a cable in the State). I feel right at home, you know, having my diner in-front of the tally.

I manage to have a short chat with my friend Scott and introduce him this blogging thing. As always, he can make it done right away. Don't believe me?Check out his Blog (Click Here). And He start promoting this "Lun Bawang" thingy. Well, go to his blog to see what its all about.

Now, I finish reading my Sophie Kinsella Books (except for a title Undomesstic Goddes), I'm kinda bored now.. with nothing to read. I know Aida promise me a list of her's "to read list".. but knowing her... I know what to aspect.. hehehehe... am looking for something not to emotional.. you know, something that can makes you laugh likes crazy, something thats amuse you (I always have this smirk on my face when I read in the bus), something which is more reality than a fantasy. Anyway, I welcome any suggestion.. thats include your list Aida. And not too expensive one... am saving to go back Kampung end of the year.

Ok. Here's the exhibition that I attended last friday. That is Dato' Najib, the Deputy Prime Ministre making his speech on the Lounching the Exhibition and Conference of this Franchise International Malaysia 2005 (FIM 2005). There were few celebrities there that I notice. Namely Maggie the TV1 News Presenter, there were also TV3 News Presenter(don't know her name). I was sitting new to a group of Taiwan's Delegate. They speak in mandarin, not a Taiwan.. or is it the mandarin is their Language... hum..

After the Official lounching ceremony, there's this exhibition...

Here's the JF Beauty's beautician..

This is the Eden bakery guy... someone told me he's hansome guy, so decided to take a picture of him.. what do you think?

Here the Spanish girl... Hola bastante senora!!

1901 hotdog


hani said...

that eden guy is HOT!!!!

Musa said...

I knew you will say that Hani... hehehe, I'm not pretty sure what his ethnic are.. like a mix middle eastern and asian guy.dont you think?

The photo shoot didnt do any good. you got to see him in person.


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