Thursday, August 11, 2005

The invasion of Haze in Kuala Lumpur

Well, living in the city,partucular at his time around is ain't fun. You know with this smog and all... looks what I found out... this haze happens like every year.. since 1998! I mean, its like a season kind of thing, you know, end of july is the Haze season, and will end on October. yeah.. October!!Thats what it says in the news. I bet all the malaysian bloggers are talking about this haze in their blogs.

What I saw in the today's paper are all about haze... who should be blame for this.. and all I see is all finger are pointed at our neighbour, Indonesia. Well, at least they say "sorry" for that matter. Hope between Indonesia and our country find a way to resolve this problem.

I found more and more news in internet about the haze. he're some link:

  1. The Guradian
  2. ZEE News
  3. Hindustan Times
  4. ABC Asia Pacific News
  5. Enviromental News Network
  6. Haze Online News
  7. Kalimantan News
  8. Telegraph News
  9. Reuters Business Channel
  10. BBC News
  11. Boston

I just been informed by my net-buddy that, the government (Malaysia) will announce whether there will be a "darurat" or not at 3pm today ("darurat"? I don't know what its call in English). Which probably means that there will be an in door holiday for all! here's are few photos from the view of my office a moment ago.

Tabung Haji's building Citibank's Building

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