Monday, August 01, 2005

Tom and Rey

Here's some pictures of the cat in my house. We named the orange color cat as Tom, and the black one is Rey. It was suppose to be Tom and Jerry, but when Jerry losse her "J" and "r" nect tag, we just re-arrange her tag name, and come up witht the only word that make sense with the "r", "e" and "y" alphabet.. Tom is a chubby cat. I luv teasing hi big belly.. and he'll playfully bite my hand.. sometimes..its hurts... lol.

Rey on the other hand, getting lighter.. but her long fur hide her thining body. she luv it when I scarch her tummy... sometimes, she just lying on her back with her legs in the air waiting for someone to rub her tummy... I'd say she loss her Identity for acting like a dog.

My sister, who adopted Tom and Rey from the bus stop, would always talk to them like they could understand her.. funny huh... well,probably they understand her.. who knows right? lol

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