Monday, August 01, 2005

Saturday Breakfast

(pictures have been removed)

from top far left: my talest nephew- Joel, sis-Jean, niece-Stacey, sis-Mag.
from middle left: nephew William, my sis.'s good friend's daughter-Talia.
Botom: Natasha and me

Well, last saturday was fun, we had breakfast at Bandar Baru Ampang, where they sell Mee "kolok" at RM3.50/bowl!! back home its only around RM2. My niece(natasha) was saying cheese, ended up looking likes she's in pain!..hehehe..silly girl. Purposely darken my self-picture since its really close-up that you could see the hair in my nose.. lol.(Probably thats why my niece winching in pain...desgusted by my sight!)

It was kinda late breakfast at 11am. stuck in trafic jam around ampang area, seems like all the schools around here having Carnival or something causing the conjested road. After the breakfast, we went to see the house in Ampang Jaya that my sister want to buy. my next entry will be about our trip to the house.

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