Friday, July 29, 2005

I'm Addicted!

(depicted from the sun)

Yesterday, I went to the Popular Book store again, and this time, I bought 2 books.. not just because it is a "Best Selling Book"..well, not entirely true.. the list does influence me to buy them .. you know, it must be a good book to be on the "Best Selling" list. Initially I was looking for my favourite Author's latest book.."Undomestic Goddess" which is number 4 on the best selling.. but they dont have it... and, I ended up buying those two... the sinopsis seem kinda interesting.. besides, Cecelia Ahern is the daughter of Ireland's Prime Minister!! and she's only 22 years old!!.. how cool is that??? I'm looking forward reading these two book to read on weekend...

Oh, I just bought 2 shirt from Marks & Spencer at KLCC last night too.. its only at RM69 each!! you know how's the Marks & Spencer prices are... I cant just past this opportunity not to buy their shirt!! my gosh... I just spend RM200 yesterday.. this is soo not like me.. maybe this is because reading the "Shopaholic & sister" , makes me become one... hahahaha... I really Love her books!!!


Hani said...

u r addicted to shop, more than me!!

I hate going to the store when there's Sale going on.. its just crazy!

Im reading a book now title is "To Have and To Hold"... I forgot who is the author..

I read books to help me fall asleep every night heheheh

daren, thanks again for yr msg in my blog.. :)

Musa said...

aw hani... you're soo sweet... for me, buying during a sale is great.. the prices are unbelievable low!!.. well, you got to choose a better time when it is less croud..
I do read before bedtime too, its like a bedtime story for me.. hehehe
enjoy your nite dear..

maverick said...

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