Tuesday, August 02, 2005

To my book club

Dear Ahmad, Just found out about this book from another blog, Daphne Lee (I think she's a freelance journalist for The Star) got to check this one out!.. this is a "MUST" buy category book for my book club members.. hahaha. let me know where can I get a copy for myself.. cheers

Hey, I just come across an info. about this book, from a yahoo group (Thanks to Alan and Ming Ming) that, it was also mention in The Star last sunday (July 31, 2005) in the Life Style pull out section.. and also, its available now at Kinikuyo book store in KLCC!!!.. and if you're lucky, you'll found a boucher like, and entitle 30% discount until 12 Augut(the boucher is in The Star), while stock last!! hurry dude!!


ahmad said...

Hey Darren ! I think you definitely should check out major bookstores like Kikokuniya(KLCC), MPH, and the likes if you wanna find Sophie Kinsella's latest book...I was there a couple of weeks ago !!

How do we go about this book club thingy ??! I'm totally clueless, myself !! LOL. Maybe we can do something like what Oprah did with her book club...

I'm in the middle of reading "Blessed are the Cheesemakers" by Sarah-Kate Lynch..It's about how two VERY different people who had gone thorugh a lot in their life find LOVE through cheesemaking..So funny !!!

Musa said...

Hello Ahmad. I did check it out at the Kikokuniya at KLCC yesterday.. but didn't find it.. I tried to search from the store's computer but I have forgoten the title of the book and the Author!! cant you believe that!!?? man... and it wasn't on the 30% dicount books displeyed...
Honestly, I have no idea to start our book club... I was thinking like what Joey (Matt Le'blank)'s nephew in that Joey tv series?.. like decide on reading on a particular book .. then meet up on a certain date to discuss about the book.. with a good cup of coffee/tea.. probably with our in-house sturbuck!!! I love coffee+chocolate...what do you think?


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