Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Time waster

Here's my working desk in the office. With nothing much to do, just browsing/reading some interesting articles the Malaysia Business Magazine. and of course updating my blog.

Yesterday, I went to KLCC's Pos office to pay my phone bill. Quite lot of people there.. my number was 1803 and the number display was 1758.. hem.. well, since I already got the number, I might just wait... well, suprisingly, it wasn't a long wait. I manage to read 3 pages of Sophie Kinselle's novel.. after that, I went to Kinokuniya Book store to find the "Absolutely Positively Not" book(BTW, WTF is Kinokuniya?)... and as always, I couldn't find it... Gosh.. where they place the book!!

Hey, you know what?. I bought another 2 books of Sophie Kinselle!!! "Confession of the a Shopaholic" and "Shopaholic Ties the Knot"... its only cost at RM27.11 each!! Gosh.. much cheaper than the Popular books store selling at!! but guess what?.. the"Undomestic Goddess" is selling at RM71!!! I wonder around a bit, desiding to buy it or not.. hoping a miracle happen like the price will drop.. yeah right.. like it going to happens.. and its not easy for me to hang around in that section. Because it a "Chic something" section.. right next to the fiction romence books.. you know.. the kind of feeling you have when you buy the "rubber".. if you know what I mean..

Anyway, I went str8 home feeling a bit "on air"having 2 Sophie's book in hand.. a feeling Rebecca excitement when she bought an expensive outfit or something like that... I kinda understand her.. althoug I'm not finish with the one I bought last monday, having another 2 books looking forward too....

Ahh... no baby sit for today.. called my best friend to go out for a movie (its only RM5 on wednesday), but he kinda busy on his preparation for tomorow presentation.. well, I got my book to read. Pretty busy at work in the afternoon.. running here and there...gosh.. I wish I can wear kniker to work!lol

bai bai 4 now...

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