Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Casting for a Sumo Wrestler

Here are a couple of pictures I took from the Casting agency that I went last saturday for the Sumo Wrestler part.. I don't think I get the part, because I'm not "HUGE" enough. But it was a fun experience.. you know, getting undress infront of the camera, do as you're told, making a suprise face, front/back/side pose and last, the profiling...just blurt out of your name, age, and hobbies.. dude.. how hard is that?.. well, the part that I keep laughing and being dumb put a smile on the camera women... Gosh I wish It was a man!

Pepsia again
I have no idea...
Another book of Sophie Kinsella I just bought yesterday. This price a bit higher than the previous books that I bought. This one is RM39.9 with a member card, I entitled for 10% discount. I've been looking for the "Undomestic Goddess", still not on the shelf!! sooo frustrating.!!. Ever since my sisters knows my affairs with Sophie Kinsella.. she keep asking whether I have finish reading yet or not... God! can't I have a private moment with my book!!

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