Thursday, August 04, 2005

Man at work

A powerful Control!
Wanna try that? click Here. its much harder to do than you though you know... its from the Sleepless Nights blog site... a fun site I must say..
Am a bit busy today, well since yesterday afternoon. I got more assignments to finish up for my Boss. Am preparing 4 topic of slides for him to present at a UUM seminar next week. Not that Am complaining... its fun... (yeah right.. since when work become a fun thingy). Just have a short break and browse thru website...
Been thingking to furthur my MBA.. so I did a little research (on my lunch Break) . And I come accross this site (MIM) the flexibility kinda suit me I guess. and its really convinience for me to go there. Maybe I check it out on this Saturday. I prefer to attend a Full-time..but, I have not enough budget for that.

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