Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sleepless Night

I didn't sleep well last night. It was raining around 3/4am this morning and the cats outside making soo much noise. I have this picture in my head kicking all the cats away *evil grin* hehehe.. man I'm a very bad, bad man. I Hate Cats!!!! I can't help it when all they do is eats and poops all the time... and I have to listen to this annoying bosy sister of mine "clean the cats poop!", "can't you smell it?", bla bla bla... when you listen and smell it everyday.. you'll get immune to it ay? hehehe... those people with horrible BO(body odor) must be immune to their own BO... I can't stand the smells.

I had a good chat with my old friend from Pakistan yesterday evening. Its been awhile I didn't chat with him. You know what?, this old friend of mine is my first net budy[!]. I start using computer prety late, like after I finish my High School (Secondary School). So, Yasir is my 1st net budy up 'til now.. let me see, thats like 7/8 years... and we're both male!.. hehehe.. isn't that funny? Well, I like to have friends all over the world...regardless their gender. He's looking for malay girl too, so, I introduce him to my friend Orie. They're net budy now too. As you notice, his blog has only one entry, but its a very educational entry don't you think?

I just received my Turkish's friend lates picture. Let me see, I get to know Talha a bit later during my Uni time. And we've only been e-mailing each other, sharing infomartion and stuff. Here's his picture...

His name is Yanisey Talha from Istanbul, Turky. I don't remember how old is he now ;p Hem... he looks a bit different than the last time he show me his picture. Maybe, looks change with times ay?..or did he do an extreme makeover? hehehe... I remember that time, when I was on job hunting, he was also on job hunt. We kinda share the same stories, and you know... its help to talk it over with somebody who in the same shoes to give each others supports and motivation.

I just trace down my friends blog. If you read my previous post, I introduce you to my berbly friendly "perempuan melayu terakhir'-Fid? well, although there's not much entry in it yet.. there's lots and lots of pictures of her's in it. Her friend, Sabrina, who instantly become my friend as well (after the 1st meet up), has this amazing blogs.. with music video clips, and lots more ...check it out yourself. Man.. I got to learn a lot from her... isn't cool to have lots of friends?

Awhile ago, I received an instant message thru YM from Bob, an Italian. He mistaken me being a girl(????)... I mean.. does the name Daren occurs to you belong to a girl?hem.. probably in Italy, I'll ask my Italian friend when he come over.


hani said...

bila nak update nih????

Musa said...

Sorry... too busy with work in the office... I'll update when free k dear?


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