Monday, August 29, 2005

My Weekend in Terengganu

I know I did not make any posting for nearly a week. Been really busy lately. My weekend in Terengganu since friday was a good change from my daily routine weekend. The facilities at The Intan Assessment Centre was above my expectation. I was expecting like sharing 5 person sharing a room and sharing a bath room like the traditional dorm. Not that Appose to any of that. Its not that bad sharing a room and a bathroom from my experience back in college.

I took off from Putra Bus station at 12 mid night. And I set next to plus size lady, which makes me really uncomfortable. Anyway, I change my seat next to a boy infront of me for the last 30minutes of my journey. It was freaking cold in the bus. I nearly miss my stop when the Bus stop without telling us where we were. Thank God, I asked him. It was nearly 4.30am when we stop. And there're cars (kreta Sapu) ready waiting at the bus stop ready to take anyone to Intan at the cost of RM20 which I think is overprice. Since I did not have any other option, I get in a Kancil car with this plus size lady who happens to go to Intan as well.

The journey took us about 15 minutes, and there were few already arived there and waiting in The Surau (smaller vertion of mosque). I can't go inside since I'm not muslim. So, I waited outside hoping to meet someone with the same fate. I didn't have to wait that long when another group arived before 5am. It was an Indian ladies and a Sabahan guy. So I hangout with these two person outside the Surau, then decide to take a nap on the bench nearby. I was sooo tired, I think manage to get some sleep.

We were told that we have to be in office etire for the registration. So, without taking bath I change into long-sleve shirt and trauser from my traveling jean and shirt in the toilet. have to make the best out of the situation ay.. Anyway, my new friends and I went for the registration and got ourself our room key... suprise.. suprise... I got my self a room for my self! alone!.. isnt that cool? its like staying in a hotel.. having my own bathroom, tv set, freezer... oh an air-condition room! man.

well, to cut my story short.. I had really good time at Terengganu, despite having a soar trout and a bit fever... the environment does makes me feel better. The thing that I proud of myself is, I manage to be in the second (B) group of my 2.4meter run.. having my excersice done only twice... thats good enough for me. And I meet many people.. I make friends with the only chinese participant in the group (having the chinese looks its easy). I got myself activity budy there (the Sabahan guy).. and he happens to have a blog with ekawan too.

I went back to KL with another participant who drove to Terengannu.. Thanks to my new Indian lady friend-Ratni, who found this guy and ask for a lift. Thanks alot Ratni. You know, there were no seat back to KL that sunday... all sold out! My last resort will be staying back another night, which means I have to ask for emergency leave for that monday. I cant imagine what excuse I should give to my Boss, since I only applied that one day (friday) leave. I dont want my boss know I went for this assessment. Well, you know.. I don't want him to get any idea...

My chances?.. I'll say its very slim.. am not very good in giving public speaking in Bahasa...more er.. er... err.. and so... so...come out from my mouth than any pointer at all. Besides, I saw others did alot better than I am... the Facilitators was really kind thau.. there's this one, although we were having a Bahasa dealog, he informed me, that I can use english a little bit.. how nice... can you see how nice these people treat us?.. the food was not bad at all... and the location is right next to the beach. I could only enjoy the view on my 2.4meter run.

it was quite an experience for me... my 1st time to Terengganu... very pleasent!

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mfaisalj said...

Hi musa. Its me the sabahan guy. Hahahha. Are u still working at PNG? Pls text me.. 0/1/3/897/633/6


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