Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Coffession from Mark of Westlife

I know this news yesterday, although it come out official in UK last week(It think). Poor Mark, he must been keeping this to himself for this years. My nieces, megan and Nadia must be totally heartbroken and devastated to hear this news. They adore him and really fancy him. I think they won't understand it, just hope they get over it soon. (Its not like I'm saying its bad news or anything)

Its come a bit of suprise to me too. Never thaugh the history reapeat itself. It was Stephen of boyzone, and now its Mark of Westlife. I didn't see this coming, he looks sooo straight. Well, to be totally honest with you, I thought Kian looks gay (no offence dude). Well, he probably just like others Metrosexual dude. God bless them for making man looks good. I just come across an article yesterday in The Star, about men wearing "bling-bling"(jewellery) is the weakest sex(with David Beckham picture). I didn't read the full texs, but my guess is they trying to say something destructive about men wearing jewellery. Although I don't wear any, I don't find it bad to wear one. If one feels comfy wearing one and look good, so be it.

Well, back on Mark (boyfriend on left-Kevin McDaid). I wish him all the best. I know its hard for him to live the kind of life he live. be strong bud, we all luv you no matters what... right guys? keep up the good work.. we are looking forward your new release. God bless us all!

Hemm.. aren't they make an Odd and cute cupple?.. hehehe

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Manuel said...

is this news true? sounds so 'oh my god' to me. he never looks like he is gay. i felt sorry for his girl fans who now perhaps lost hope. never mind, pray for change. who knows? God knows! anyway, they surely love you still Mark!


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