Monday, August 08, 2005

Saturday with Ladies

Here is how I spend my saturday, wakes up pretty late (its Satuday for Christ sake), and was reading "Shopaholic Takes Manhatan (By Sophie Kinselle)"infront of the telly. Than, my Friend Issac, called to meet up at KLCC. On my way down to KLCC, I bump into these two ladies:

On the right wearing jean is Susan, and on the left wearing the black shirt and skirt is Angela (they're both Sarawakian Lass). They were on they're way to Sogo for the Mega Sales. I did asked their premission to put their picture here. By the way, if you like to get to know them... get in touch with me, I'll give their contact.( I'm running a match making When I meet my friend Isaac, he brought along his "special" freinds,-Cecelia and Nelly. A petit ladies I must say. We meet at KLCC and decide to check out the PC Fair at KL Convention. It was really Crowded !!.
After that awfull human trafic in KL Convention Centre, Isaac and myself went to KL Sentral to meet his sister. We were hanging out at the McDonald when we meet his old friend. Here's their picture.. (nice isn't it?)
On the right side is Maureen and left side is her friend Ester. By the way, Ester is a blogger, She begin blogging more than a year now, while I just started a couple a weeks.. I have lots to learn obviously... We really had a nice chat. Maureen is a "kayan" from Balaga (Sarawak) and Ester is from KL. They both known each other from UNIMAS. Currently Ester is doing her second Degree in Law, and Maureen is working in Miri (no pretty sure.. I was mesmerized by her beautiful smile). Gosh... for an ordinary person like me.. I got to meet 6 ladies in a day!!. I mean... I'm a lucky guy don' t you think? If any of you out there like to get intouch with them, you know where to find me. Drop a msg, guys... be brave now k. cheers


hani said...

r u trying to be an online matchmaker or something? haha

Musa said...

I'm doing a good will here, you know kinda social service... you should submit your application too you know...


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