Monday, August 08, 2005

My friend Isaac

Isaac thought I was kidding when I said I'm going to post his photo in the internet and find him a date... hahaha.. here you go're in my Blog!! find that funny huh?? ladies... start filling in your application now..

I like to introduce my friend, Isaac. He's 26 years old Kelabit from Balaga (Sarawak). We known each other from the same University that we attanded. We kinda bond instantly when we first meet. He's a friendly and cheerful lad and I feel comfortable with him... but too comfy sometimes.. he spill all his problems..worriees... thaughts.. dreams.. and whatever he was thinking. Gosh.. sometimes its hard to be a good listener... hehehe.

Anyway, he just graduated and posted in Penang . He was here last saturday to take his laptop with him, he find it a bit dificult to do his "new" job without his Laptop. He invited me to visit Penang sometime, and I kinda like the idea, I never been to Penang myself. It must be fun.. you know like the old days.. we had our own adventures you know. Glad to have him as my friend. All the best in your career old chap.

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