Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Adrenalin Pumping!!

I have confession to make. hey... wait a minute, isn't that my blog's former title?...Well, at least I have something to confess about. I'm soo excited!... I try to keep my appearence 'Cool"... but, I feel like having a child in me jumping around in exitement ... does that make sence to you? I just got a news!!!!... no.. am not having a baby silly (am just talking to my self mind you)...

Well, I got this news from my old friend Ami, that I pass the self-assessment test for PTD!! which I took 3 times!!! gosh... its embarassing to fail 3 times, well... 2 times actually, the 3rd time I get thru!!.. Anyway, Its freaking hard to get thru k.. by the way PTD is translated as "Administrative and Diplomatic Officer" in english I think.

Well, the bad news is (yeah, good news comes with bad news) I got to go to Terengganu for a 3 days and 2 night assesment! Terengganu!! I mean Terengganu!!! I never been to this state before... gosh... I don't know what to do... not that I don't like traveling, I never done much traveling lately. Perhaps this is a good chance for me to visit this state.. yipee... it won't that bad..

Oh dear, I forget about my Italian friend coming to visit KL, and want to meet up with me on his visit. I promise him I will, but this thing come to tell him that?I try to ask him to reschedule or something... this assessment is kinda important to me. I hope he understand that. But he already plan this visit for months!... I'll figure that out later..


Manuel said...

Your Italian friends not need to reschedule unless he just plan to visit you shortly on the days you are in Terengganu. In the meantime I can entertain him. LOL. Back from Terengganu, do not forget to buy us the keropok lekor.

Musa said...

Thats alright dude... Thanks for the offer anyway.

He reschedule it, he's visiting Thailand before coming to KL. Hope we can do that one day... you know...traveling around the world like others.


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