Monday, August 22, 2005

My boring weekend

My weekend was pretty boring. I have to cancel my "hangout" activity with my old friend because, I got to come to the office to see what happens. By the way, my office has break-ins on Friday night. But my senior Consultant can't get into the office since the card reader has been tempered/damage. Aside from the damage on all the door's locks, there is nothing else taken by the intruder(s) because they didn't manage to get thru the glass door which has magnet on it. Thank god for that.

I called my friend, Ajip to get an update how was the wedding. He told me they had a great time(*sigh* without me??).. and the others especially Fid got disepointed that I didn't join them. I haven't introduce yea all to my berbly friendly and audieble girl friend Fid. Despite her cheerfullness and beautiness, I heard she still single. You got to meet her to really apprieciate the kind of person she is. Like my work budy-Orie told me she really likes my friends, espesially fid bacause of her personality. Let me know if any single guy out there like to meet my "perempuan Melayu terakhir" friend ay?.

I went to the Putra Bus Station to buy a bus ticket for me to go Kemaman, T'rengganu on Friday. I bought the midnight schedule by Transnasional. Probably arive at Kemaman 5am early friday morning. Thats fine with me, just hope that they don't drop me in the middle of the jungle or something like that.

Oh man... my whole body is aching!! I jogged yesterday from my place to the Darul Ehsan Club(KDE) . Which is like 3/4m? I don't know how far that is.. but it does seem far to me. Its been awhile I didn't do some excersice, and this coming assesment in T'rengganu requires me to run 2.5m..(how far is that).. and A friend told me to try to make it in less than 13minutes!.. Gosh.. I don't think I can make it less than that!.. I was panting like crazy for a short run!.. man I got to run or just walking this evening. Not to over-do it, just get my body use to jogg before the end of this week. I have to try my best, rather than regreting that I didn't make the extra effort later.

I think I should check out any good jokes that on the blogs that could help me out later for an Individual free speech topic to make it more enjoyable. Am seriously don't have any idea what my topic going to be... being unprepare before a presentation is soo my weekest spot.. Oh Help me God.

right... got to do some reading now.. wish my good luck.


Aida said...

Hey Musa :) I always enjoy reading your blog cause you always have these nifty pictures to spruce things up.

Hehe, ok ok! Book list! Since you mentioned that you want to read something funny, here's the best book for ya:

The Long Dark Tea-Time Of The Soul by Douglas Adams

It's hysterical. I read it so many times now. I highly recommend it!

If you like Douglas Adams' writings, you can next start with his Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy saga. I've listed my recommendation on my Friendster Blog (it's on the left hand side of the screen). You can click on the respective URL if you wish to know some brief introduction of each of the books.

Musa said...

Hai aida... thank very much.. glad to know you enjoy reading my blog. I do enjoy reading yours too.. especially on your review on the books that your read... makes me wants to read it..

I'm sure will look into these books after I finish with my "Da Vinci Code"... Cheers Aida.


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