Friday, August 19, 2005

Hangout with old friends

For the 1st time today, I wear Jeans to work. We don't have a "casual etire" day, since my boss is on holiday and I decide to wear casual today. Its a pack I made between me and my senior consultant. But he only dare to wear short-sleeve shirt.. not soo casual to me.

So, Today, after work, I'm meeting up with my friends Orie and Ajip. Ajip is my best Uni budy, and Orie is my best work budy. Ajip is furthur his study in MBA now, and Orie, the supper women, just got promoted as a GM!!! and I... still where I am. We're planing to hangout at Mid Valley for the evening. Maybe just for a diner.

And then tomorow, I got to attend my Uni friend's wedding. Around 7 of us-friends in Uni, will meet up at 1-Utama, to buy a present for our friend. Its exciting to meet up with old friends again... how much (physically) they've develop as a working adults... and to get intouch again. Keeping update with our current affairs.. and stuff like that.. you know. At midnight, my new* freind want to hangout with me...

I hope everything will work out for this weekend... oh.. I got to do some shopping for my prepation to Terengganu... cheers

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