Friday, August 19, 2005

Discover your Potential?

Dear friends,
I like to warn you about this thing I attend last night, so you won't have to go thru it.

I was invited to a briefing on "Basic Training" at PJ Hilton by an ex-officemate. I wasn't really keen to go for this thing, but after "long and hard" persuasion by her, I decide to go. You know, just check it out. Besides, she said that, she see a potential in me, and she want me to discover my potential. Whatever that is.. nothing to lose.

Well, the sight of the "friendly and cheersfull" crowd are very welcoming . They greet everyone with a great big hug..I mean EVERYONE. I meet a couple of "friendly" people (with handshake). They told me that they won't hug a "guest" a.k.a, someone like me. I don't mind being hug (I LOVE it!!).. just that, its not really a familiar sight to see everyone soo happy to see everyone in a "briefing" of a Training. Its seem like a cult or something to me.

Anyway, its a good change. From the meeting ordinary people with a handshake. But I have to admitt, I really feel like I'm out of place. So, the brefing went well, by introduction what they are, and what they do. This follows with some "fun" exercise in between. Like introducing yourself as a celebrities. I choose to be a number of celebrities.. like Bill Clinton (what was I thinking!), Tom Cruise (Too HOT?), Prince William(dream on!!) , anyway, It was fun. I got to give credit to the speaker thou, he's really good at it.

It ended up with a group activity. where no more than 6 people in it. And I was the only "Guest" in my group, so all attention are on me. They started off with sharing their experiences after joing the training, how they are a "change" person and all that. And come to the dreaded part where they try to persuade you to join the training .. I really glad that it works for them, but decide not go thru with it. period.

The thing is, for the next 30 minutes or so, they'll talk to you into sign up for the "training". They say like, this do good to me, to realize my potential... bla bla bla... I appreciate their thaught of helping me to "see my potential", just that, I can't stand it being persuaded into things that I don't want to do. They simply take "No" for an answer.. I tried to give many reasons that I can think of.. like I don't have that kind of money (RM1,700 for the training), give me time think about it..

At last, after 30 + minutes.. saying "NO" (this is not the fun part). They let me go...gosh...that was long... thank god I manage to stand firm on my ground. You know, normally, I'll give in whatever they selling me... but YES!!! I did it... I manage to say NO!.. hahahaha... I feel soooo relieve!!!

To be totally honest with you... I didn't sign up because there's something hidden.. something that they won't disclosed.. My Big question is ...Why are they trying really HARD to get me sign up for the training, if they get nothing out of it... you know, I'm totally stranger to them... why should they care what I do with my freaking bloody life? right? there are something hanky panky there.. although there's profesional individuals who had join the training.. I just don't believe in it. Can you blame me for not believing it?

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