Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Independence month

Happy Independence month! be a good citizenship and patriotic! How Independence month going for you? Mine is OKAY EXCEPT FOR THE FACT that we have not put up the Jalur Gemilang flag (In case you dont know, that is the name of our Malaysia's flag. Very IMPORTANCE to be a good Malaysia Citizen!) anywhere outside the house. It was still inside the plastic bag that we last bought from SUPER SAVE Store the other day. There were always excuses for us NOT having the Flag OUT of its shopping bag. One most important reason is WE DON'T HAVE A POLE to hang it!

To flaunt the fact that we are very patriotic and a very good exemplary citizen of Malaysia , We bought a little (TWO actually) dangling flag for the Car. Its dangling inside the car because it has springs to make these little flags bouncing. Unfortunately, these twin flags were craving for ATTENTION!, and distracting the driver from looking WHERE HE GOES. Errrr... wait, thats me! LOL

Have you heard the 1Malaysia concept? NO? COME ON! you wont be sooo patriotic if you dont! No one says that you must know it, just you have to know about it. Well, if you ask me. Do Google them! BHAHAHAHA, oh oh... I heard on the news (YES! I watch the NEWS! its very patriotic to know all the stuff going on) that the "RACE would not be stated on the National Registration Identification Card", NRIC for short, Probably the same thing as the Security Number for the American. Whats that got to do with being 1Malaysia? So... no one will be racism when they look at the NRIC? hemmm.. I'm cool with that. WAIT!, I have to check mine... does it say anything like it?

bummer! it doesn't say whats my race! Hemm... probably I heard wrong.

Since I spent soo much time on Facebook, I have added the 1Malaysia as my favorite! Go ME!!! yay!.. oh wait, iCArly says that "You Go Girl!" is soo first grade. (Ops!) I should stop using the "Go Me!" than. Dang! I got myself to find something to Cheer Me...

Flaunting of my patriotism has cost me dearly. The first day I have the flag in the car, they stole it! not just the flags, but together with the car and everything inside and attached to it!! COME ON PEOPLE!! SUPER SAVE Store sells plenty of these flags. And in many sizes! It doesn't cost much too! Only RM1 a little flag! Now you know why we are pretty reluctant to put up the big flag on the house? My Independence month are SUCK-ISH!
Oh wait! its only 19th... not end of the Independence month yet! wonder what the rest will bring!

I want my car back!!!!!! give it back you evil mean people!

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