Sunday, November 25, 2007

Random pictures in my phone

Here is my posting for today! pictures from my 1.3 megapixel with 4.5mm zooming phone-camera... Enjoy!

My Niece (Neeva) smile for my Phone-Camera! Such a sweetheart!

My niece (Nadia) a Camera-shy girl. Yeah right! She have full of her self-picture in her lap top!

My 7 years old niece (Megan) is a thumb sucker! hehehe got cha!

My Nephew(Jonathan) in his underwear show-off fashion.. hahaha! told yea I gonna put this up in the internet!

My study-text Book...*Yawn*

The one and only Sarawak "Tea Peng Special"

P.S. I'll post my-self image soon. with new growing facial hair!!! just experimenting.. how I look like with these hair around my lips!.. well, I just sooo lazy to shave these days..

Good night. and thanks for dropping by..


TZ said...

I'm looking forward to see your facial hair photo... :-p Could not imagine how Darrenzeger looks like with facial hair.

Take a photo before you decided to shave off eh!

sbanboy said...

New growing hair ??? Hmm ... quick quick put up the pic lah


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